The Devil Wives of Li Fong by E. Hoffmann Price [FIRST EDITION] 1979

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The Devil Wives of Li Fong by E Hoffmann Price


Vintage paperback in excellent condition.  Tight, pristine and seemingly unread copy.  Light shelf wear to cover and a hint of tanning to pages.  

No man is happier than Li Fong -- until he discovers his lovely wives are really serpent-demons! Long and long ago, before the foreign devils came, old China was a land of ancient culture and strange magic. There, Li Fong, a student of apothecary, seems the luckiest of men. By what has to be happy chance, he has been led to take two charming and quite wealthy ladies as his wives.

How could he know that his loving and beloved Mei Ling and Meilan are really spirit-demons? Or that the great snake that comes to his aid is really Mei Ling in her natural form?

But the wicked Taoist magician Chang Lu knows the truth and plots evil for Li Fong and his wives. Nor can the magic of Mei Ling prevail, though she struggles to protect her husband and gain true humanity for herself.

In the end, she can only summon the beautiful and terrible dragons to her aid!