The People in the Attic: The Haunting of Doretta Johnson [FIRST EDITION]

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Hardcover with dust jacket in excellent condition. Like new w/ a hint of tanning to pages. 

A True Story....  In 1987, Doretta Johnson and her family moved into their dream home and immediately found themselves under an escalating paranormal attack - a horrifying onslaught that threatened the family, their sanity, and, ultimately, their lives. This is a horrifying journey through the murky, inscrutable realm of the paranormal - objects that levitate, shadowy apparitions, terrifying noises, letters crudely etched into walls, spontaneous fires, and violent attacks on the family itself. As the violence continued, Doretta Johnson had to face the terrifying truth: There was something in this house that was after her family. When several attempts by both the Catholic Church and a well-regarded psychic failed to cleanse her house of the forces that controlled it, Doretta's search for help led her to a renowned parapsychologist. Unlike the others, he believed the evil in the house was drawn there by something within Doretta herself.