The Pope of Greenwich Village by Vincent Patrick [FIRST EDITION]

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Hardcover with dust jacket in excellent condition.  Dust Jacket is very good w. some mild shelf & edge wear.  Book itself looks and reads like new!  Beautiful copy for any home library! 

Charlie and Paulie consider themselves “family” even though they are only fifth cousins. Neither of them is 100 percent legitimate but they are not heavy thieves either. They beat the system as best they can with the various inside hustles of New York’s bar and restaurant scene.

Charlie, managing a Village restaurant at age thirty-five, needs one shot to realize his dreams of owning his own place in New England. Meanwhile, he’s just a jump ahead of two shylocks and into the worst streak of losing horses he has ever gone through.

Paulie is only a five-foot-three-inch waiter but he thinks big. Very image-conscious, he even tips toll booth attendants. And he went into hock to become part-owner of a “turrow bed” racehorse. Now he has an idea for one foolproof burglary that will solve all his problems for good, and he enlists Charlie in his scheme.    A clean break-in, a three-way split, and each of their dreams will come true.  Maybe.

Before it’s over, they find themselves relentlessly hunted by both the Mafia “wise guys” and the police. And each of them grasps for survival in a different way.