The Snow by Caroline B. Cooney [1990 PAPERBACK] • Point Horror

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The Snow by Caroline B. Cooney [LOSING CHRISTINA TRILOGY #2]


7th printing.   Vintage paperback in excellent condition. 

Cover has mild creasing and a touch of shelf wear.  Reads good as new.  

Who's next?

Christina has survived her first semester away from home, overcoming more than just homesickness. She has survived the Evil.  Until now...

Now winter has arrived, with screaming winds and blinding snow. The cruel Shevvingtons, with whom Christina and the other children board, have already destroyed beautiful Anya, reducing her to a helpless creature, an empty shell. They have selected their next victim. Christina's dearest friend. Sweet, trusting Dolly. Working with the Shevvingtons is someone sinister who lurks in the basement, laughing insanely.

Is there any chance that Christina can revive the old Anya and also save Dolly?
But first, Christina must save herself. . . .