The Unknown Hitler: His Private Life & Fortune by Wulf Schwarzwaller [FIRST EDITION]

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Hardcover with dust jacket in Great shape.  DJ has some tearing at corners, but is otherwise in great shape.  Book looks and reads like new; nice leatherette cover w/ gold titling. 

German journalist Schwarzwaller sketchily describes how Hitler earned, cadged, stole and spent money throughout his life. He also repeats rumors about der Fuhrer's sex life, including a third-hand account of an s&m encounter between Hitler and an actress in his Reichschancellery apartment. Another matter curiously gone into is Hitler's training in black magic under the tutelage of a wealthy patron named Dietrich Eckart. The author assures us that the pupil "quite suddenly developed astonishing qualities and talents." The book contains at least one claim verified by accompanying evidence: reiterating the familiar argument that Hitler had no talent as an artist, Schwarzwaller presents a few examples. Readers are not required to believe anything here to enjoy the book, which is as hard to put down as a sensationalized tabloid. Photos.