The Winter of the World by Poul Anderson [FIRST BOOK CLUB EDITION / 1975]

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The Winter of the World by Poul Anderson 


Hardcover with dust jacket in very good condition.  Dust jacket is in nice shape; a few worn edges and a crease along upper back.  Book itself is pristine and like new. 

Thousands of years from now, after a new Ice Age has reduced our world to frozen ruins, new civilizations and cultures arise from the Ice. But as the people of tomorrow slowly uncover the lost technology of the past, they also rediscover war, conquest, diplomacy...and betrayal.

While the might Rahidain-Barammian Empire expands across the globe, Josserek Derrain, uncover agent for the freedom-loving Seafolk, must find a way to save his people from the Empire's grasp. His best hope is an alliance with the Rogaviki, a wild and nomadic race whose women are rumored to cast an unbreakable spell on any man who dares seek them out.

Between barbarians and aristocrats, spied and soldiers, the battle lines are drawn in the ultimate conflict to determine who will rule over...The Winter of the World.