Through the Hidden Door by Rosemary Wells [1987 PAPERBACK] Point Horror

  • $17.00

Through the Hidden Door by Rosemary Wells


Rare Point Horror printing of this YA Goonies style adventure novel, with horror style cover art. 

Book is in very good condition.   Some light wear to cover and tanning to pages. 

Barney's life is a mess. Everyone thinks he's a snitch. His former friends want to kill him. Even the headmaster of his school wants him gone. No one but secretive little Snowy Cobb will speak to him. But after Snowy and Barney discover the hidden cave deep below the earth, the promise of ancient treasures wipe away the threats from above. And when they uncover strange artifacts untouched for centuries, a web of unknowable danger begins to unravel-and Snowy and Barney may not survive.