To Russia with L.U.S.T. by Rod Grayn [1968 SLEAZE PAPERBACK]

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To Russia with L.U.S.T. by Rod Grayn [ THE LADY FROM L.U.S.T. #6 ]


*Title intended for adults only. 

Rare vintage sleaze spy adult paperback in excellent condition.   Still unread.

Shelf wear to cover and a few scratches on spine.  Reads as new.

Published in the late 1960's using the James Bond super spy mold. Its key agent is the delectable Drum, a woman determined to give her all again and again in the service of her country. For protection, she has a pair of 38's that will knock 'em dead every time.

L.U.S.T. (League of Undercover Spies and Terrorists) Rocks the Kremlin when Eve Drum, Our Super-seductive Secret Agent Double Oh Sex, Swings into action at a top-level Moscow orgy. Her mission is really a hairy one this time she has to compromise a high Soviet official and get him to throw a few of his big secrets our way. Poor Eve1 Some of the things she learns at that orgy just can't be classified! And there's danger everywhere. Concealed amid the tangle of tumbling bodies are goodness knows how many Russian counterspies, just waiting for Double Oh Sex to expose herself. Gardner F. Fox wrote these book under the pseudonym of Rod Gray.